Career Profile

Master of Computer Science with an active interest towards web development, algorithmic coding and data science.

Any programming or algorithmic problem fascinates me. I specialize in web development, databases and algorithmic problems. I often work with web frameworks, data and machine learning in creative ways. I am flexible and program comfortably in multiple programming languages especially, Java, Python, C++, JS or C#. Hacking electronics, existing web projects and audio plugins keep me busy on the weekends.

Programming Languages: Python, Java, C++, C#, JavaScript, SQL, noSQL, PHP.


Audio programmer/freelancer

Jan, 2019 - Present

As a freelance audio programmer, I maintained my tech blog and worked with other artists and producers in the music technology world.

  • Developed an audio plugin: independently as an entrepreneurial venture.
  • Worked with a producer to set up Google Magenta with Ableton Live
  • Synthesized audio samples with a neural network

Student Web Developer

May, 2018 - Aug, 2018
Kansas State University Global Campus

As a web developer intern at KSU Global Campus, I was responsible for daily website maintenance and developing innovative web solutions for existing course and educational data.

  • Developed global campus websites for more than 5000 distance program users and faculty using HTML, CSS and JS.
  • Automated data solutions using Google Sheets JSON for storing and display data for 124 K-State courses

Graduate Research Assistant

2016 - 2018
Kansas State University


Project 1 (Master’s Thesis): (Department of Arts) (Jan’17 - Current)

  • Gesture recognition in musical instrument and interfaces using Support Vector Machines
  • Hand gesture controlled music instrument programmed in Leap Motion, Max/MSP, Python and C++ (Arduino)

Project 2: Highway crash prediction analytics on Kansas City Metropolitan using Big Data and Machine Learning (Kansas Department of Roadways) using MongoDB

  • Built a crash prediction model based on geospatial weather, traffic and 43,000 crashes collected from highway sensors, police officers using MongoDB, Python and JavaScript
  • Built and maintained a spatio-temporal dataset (2.3TB) collected between 2007-2017

Project 3: Department of Architectural Engineering (May’17 – August’17): Real time Air pollutant data analysis in Little Village, Chicago

  • Setup a PostgreSQL database for collecting, analyzing and visualizing air pollutant data from sensors carried by bikers in the town
  • Automated JSON data API calls from 5 major sensor companies and visualized on the web twice a day. Applications: PostgreSQL, Google Maps API, JSON, Plotly, PHP

Programmer Analyst

Aug,2015 - Jul, 2016
Cognizant Technology Solutions
  • Developed a web quiz application using C#, MVC Framework and Javascript
  • Handle SQL queries/stored procedures and used jQuery to build frontend functionalities


webSamplr - Max4Live audio plugin that samples any sound from the internet within Ableton Live
Gestural MIDI Interfaces - MIDI Theremin interface with gesture recognition to interact with virtual instruments
B-Link - Computer vision inspired pacman game that 'blinks' new worlds based on user eye blinks
Highway crash prediction Analysis - Crash prediction model on inter states highway crashes
SASA Air Quality Assurance - Setup PostgreSQL server and automation scripts for a community air quality assurance project. (Dept. of Architectural Engineering)
Arduino Theremin - Yet another arduino theremin exploring different sensors and sounds
mpkmini4Live - Max4Live audio device written to control all the tracks, clips, knobs and play keyboard simulataneously in Ableton Live