About Me

Sandeep Dasari

Data scientist, Machine learning engineer, audio programmer and musician.

I study and apply machine learning into audio engineering, embedded systems and human-computer interaction devices. Often leads me to think about computer interactions to express art and music.

Hack anything, build something.


Kansas State University Global Campus

Developed and updated KSU Global Campus distance program HTML websites. Worked in writing data collection tools using Javascript, Google Sheets as a database

May 2018 - September 2018
Web Developer Intern

Kansas State University Holtz Hall

Tutored students in Statistics and Physics

Jan 2018 - Aug 2018
Graduate Tutor

Kansas State University

Conducted interdisciplinary research works in Department of Computer Science, Art, Civil Engineering

August 2016 - Jan 2018
Graduate Research Assitant

Kansas State University Dept of Architectural Engineering

Setup PostgreSQL database and web technologies for a new research project in Architectural Engineering

May 2017 - Aug 2017
Summer Research Intern

Cognizant Technology Solutions, India

Developed web interfaces for taking tests and quizzes online using C# and JS

August 2015 - July 2016
Programmer Analyst Trainee



Gestural Music Interfaces

Implementing gestural music interfaces using Max/MSP and Leap Motion with Support Vector Machines

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Highway Crash Prediction using MongoDB and Machine Learning

Performed crash predicition using MongoDB and Logistic Regression. I setup the geospatial database in MonogDB by combining huge SQL datasets from highway police reports, weather to predict severe crash conditions. A visualization of the research is presented as the data is private only to the research group, Knowledge Discovery in Databases at K-state.

Another Arduino Theremin

Theremin implemented on Arduino and Raspberry Pi 3B using ultrasonic range sensors

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B-Link , Hack K-State 2016

B-Link is a pacman game I desgined with my friend 'dissid' for Hack K-State 2016. The game runs through pygame and used Opencv to detect eye blinks of the gamer. The eye blink triggers a world update within the game, the number of blinks depends on the levels progressed through the game. When the player is cornered, the player can 'blink' to a new world of relatively better positions.

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webSamplr is a Max4Live device that enables the user to sample any sound source from the internet. It includes track and clip navigation within Ableton Live, as well as a database of popular sampling websites and sources. This sampler was updated to detect sample rate, show waveform in a spectograph and navigate only to copyright free websites.

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This is a Max4Live MIDI script written using Ableton Live's Max live.api objects to navigate and control almost anything on the Ableton Live screen. The script was setup for a basic 25$ MIDI keyboard using 2 channels of MIDI stream data. The script efficiently uses all 48 buttons on the board and was setup intuitively for live music looping.

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